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After the sudden death of her mother, Aurore Gagnon is abused by her disturbed step-mother as her town remains in the silence followed by her death. Based on a true story.

Title : Aurore

Year : 2005

Runtime : 115

Release Dates: 2005-07-08


Actors :

Marianne FortierasAurore Gagnon (10 years)
Serge PostigoasTélésphore Gagnon
Hélène Bourgeois LeclercasMarie-Anne Gagnon
Yves JacquesasCuré Leduc
Rémy GirardasOréus Mailhot
Stéphanie LapointeasMarie-Anne Caron
Sarah-Jeanne LabrosseasMarie-Jeanne Gagnon (12 ans)
Alice Morel-MichaudasAurore Gagnon (6 ans)
Michel ForgetasNérée Caron
Monique SpazianiasArzélie Caron
Francine RuelasExilda Lemay
Michel BarretteasAdjutor Gagnon
Luc SenayasArcadius Lemay
Gaston LepageasAlphonse Chandonnet
Albert MillaireasL'Évêque
Noémie YelleasVéronique Caron
Jean MarchandasDr. Andronic Lafond
Catherine TrudeauasSoeur Anna
Muriel DutilasMère Supérieure
Noël BurtonasMe. Fitzpatrick

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